Here at Bill Carone Chevrolet GMC Buick, we are always standing by to help Wallace, NC motorists. If your engine is overheating, you should have it serviced promptly to prevent permanent damage to the engine. What causes your vehicle's engine to overheat? Find out below.

Leaks are one of the primary causes of engine overheating. Common components that are subject to leaks include hoses, the head gasket, the radiator, or the water pump. Although these leaks start small, they can rapidly get bigger and lead to permanent engine damage. Another reason why your engine may be overheating is because the coolant level is too low. Be sure to check your coolant level.

If you happen to be on the move when your engine overheats, immediately shut off the air conditioner. Turn the heater on the high setting to reduce stress on the engine. After you get to a safe spot, call a tow truck, or wait for the engine to cool before you drive.

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